Dove Valley Wines

Dove Valley grapes are grown by our family in our vineyard at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. This area has just the right soil, sun and air flow to produce premium grapes. We hand-harvest our grapes and produce our award winning wine in oak casks.

Vignoles (Dry White)

Dove Valley Vignoles is a full-bodied, fruity white wine, with a smooth finish. Vignoles is best served chilled and complements seafood, pasta and chicken dishes.

Rose' (Dry-pinot Noir Rose')

Dove Valley's Rose' is a delightfully dry blush wine.

Pinot Noir (Dry Red)
Dove Valley's Pinot Noir captures the great flavor, aroma and soft finish of the pinot noir grape.

Cabernet Franc (Dry Red)
Dove Valley Cabernet Franc is a mellow, warm, full-bodied wine with a fresh finish. Enjoy with meals or as an aperitif.

Dove Valley Red ( Dry Red )

Dove Valley Red is a blend of our Merlot and Cabernet Franc. This dry red starts bold and finishes smooth.

Merlot (Dry Red)

Dove Valley's Merlot wine has a lush flavor and softness that finishes well. Enjoy our Merlot with any meal.

Sweet Summer Hill (Semi-Sweet Red)

Dove Valley Sweet Summer Hill Sunset captures the welcoming , down - home feel that began in a town known as Summer Hill and has lasted for 150 years. As a celebration of your history, we hope your enjoy our Sweet Summer Hill Sunset wine as we pay tribute to Rising Sun, MD's 150 year anniversary.        

White Zinfandel (Semi-Sweet)
Dove Valley's White Zinfandel is  a welcome addition to your meals.

Bianca (Semi-Dry White Wine)

Dove Valley's Bianca grapes are hand harvest followed by a three week slow cold fermentation. The result is a fruity, semi dry white wine with a smooth finish with just a hint of sweet pears.

Dove Valley Gold (Semi- dry white wine)
Dove Valley Gold is named after our beloved dog, Goldie. Just like our grapes, Goldie thrives in our Vineyard and is part of our family. Dove Valley Gold is a fruity, semi-dry white wine with a smooth finish and is Best served chilled.      

Riesling (Sweet White)

Dove Valley’s Riesling is a light body, refreshing white wine with the aromatic characteristics of citrus, grapefruit and a hint of green apples. Enjoy Dove valley’s Riesling with many delightful dishes.

 Mr.Bentley's Choice (Semi-Sweet White)

Mr.Bentley's Choice is named after our beloved dog, Bentley.

Bentley's Choice is a Semi Sweet White Wine that Captures the Sweet Fruitiness of the Vignole Grape. Best Served Chilled ,Enjoy with all your favorite Dishes.

Forbidden Apple (Semi-Sweet )
Dove Valley’s Forbidden Apple Dove Valley’s Forbidden Apple Semi-Sweet Apple Wine is Crisp, Light, and Bursting full of Apple Flavors. Best Served chilled.

Perky Peaches ( Sweet )
Dove Valley's Perky Peaches is a wine made of 100 % Peach Juice. We use peach juice supplied by a local orchard to create this sweet wine bursting with refreshing peach flavor!  Best served Chilled

"Blue Berry" ( Semi-Sweet )
Dove Valley's Semi- Sweet "Blue Berry"  is a wine made of 100 % Blue Berries .  Blue Berry wine is full of Fresh Blueberries and aromas.

Best served Chilled

Winter Spice ( Dry Red ) 
Make this winter season one to remember warm up with Dove Valley Winter Spice. Its like Christmas in a bottle!

Late Harvest Vignole 2016

Our Vignole wine that has been twice frozen in our 400 gl Stainless tank. This allows the wine to retain its natural sugar as well as 

removes excess water, resulting in a sweet dessert wine that will amaze you!