Shaena Lawson

Dove Valley Winery is by far my VERY favorite place. The wine is AMAZING, the family is extremely kind and makes sure you have a fantastic time as well. They have festivals when the weather is nice, they have “uncork your creativity” on some weekend days (usually Sunday’s I believe), they have Mystery dinners, plays and much more…as I said this place is truly, truly AMAZING! If you are looking for a unique and wonderful experience at a really nice yet laid back winery…THIS is the place for you. Janel, who runs the place is such an authentic person and her whole family is really fantastic as well as I said. We love it there

Barbara Allen

Very nice, family run vineyard. Tastings of 15 wines, cheese and crackers, and glasses included. Very friendly. We sat outside and they brought our wine to us. Then we continued the picnic we brought, along with a glass of wine from a bottle we bought. Very nice day trip.

Heidi Wyatt

My boyfriend and I found this winery at a event in Maryland back in May, and finally had a chance to make it to their winery. We’re fairly new to drinking wine so it was definitely out of our comfort zone, and everyone treated us like family. They have great prices and amazing peach wine that we drove an hour just to get!

Joseph Driscoll

My absolute favorite winery by far. This family owned and operated winery is the kindest and customer service friendly atmosphere that you will go back to again and again. I went there several times and this past weekend for Caribbean Wine Splash. Always get treated well and have the best time. The only winery I have been to and all the wine is superb. Highly recommend.